Van buitenbeentje tot comfy IK,,

From outsider to comfy IK ,,

A month ago, after spotting an endless number of skateboarders who were skating in the just breaking sun, I thought I wanted to try that too. Maybe I once stood on a skateboard and that was not exactly successful, but without blinking the decision was made: let's go skateboards! In no time I had fixed a board through a friend and a friend of mine was already determined to take me under his wing as a pupil. 
No sooner said than done, now a month later I am a pro and I skate everywhere on, off, under and to. . .
 I WISH!  On day 1 I was told “this is the hardest sport to learn” HUH oopsie hahaha he was too late anyway because I was an instant fan of skating!
Fortunately, I love one too challenge and guess what, everything is so terribly difficult that the smallest wins already very, but also just feel very, good haha. It's a painstaking and fun process! Enjoy a bit of skating and practicing outside and everyone is ready to help you and cheer when something works out. A very welcome one community in this limited social contacts times. 
Well, I must say that when I go skateboarding I immediately think of those cool alternative bois and girls and this is quite correct but this also brought a nice insight. The first time I went to the skate park with my buddy, I felt quite a bit of a shame misfit. This was not because I was really a beginner beginner skater (/ BEN *) but mainly because everyone has such a distinct style and completely chill in that I felt a bit out of place. 
This soon evaporated after I went with other skaters socializing and later came the insight, the only reason I got a misfit was was because I thought so. No one else had that idea, and even if they thought "gare chick in skinny jeans" I still can't know their thoughts so what if I assume that I belong completely? Well, that means anything is possible and me completely comfy myself can be there! 
If you ever come to the gym, a skate park or wherever, and you think “aiii maybe this isn't quite my place” then MAKE it your place! The reality or belief in which you live or the glasses through which you look at your environment largely (if not completely) create what you see and experience. So switch to those glasses or that belief that makes you feel stronger and the rest will follow. 
Be the change you wish to see in the world is a well-known proverb for a reason. In this case I mean mainly live the change and you will change your world. 
Skateboarding is literally trial and error and trying the same thing 100000 times until you succeed, be a go-getter and make sure that you enjoy yourself in everything you do. comfortable yourself! And are you looking for a new hobby? I can definitely recommend skateboarding 😉 
Until the next blog!
Written by @Amy Riders 
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