Stralen met de feestdagen: ideaalbeeld en Ik

Shining with the holidays: ideal image and I

Ahhh the holidays. A time of being together, fancy dinners, glitter and glamor and of course the most perfect photos on social media. Of course, that's not necessarily the reality at all. Everyone has their own traditions and wishes and can share what they want. Unfortunately, the ideal pictures are sometimes very confronting with their own reality. In recent years, there has been a huge rise of influencers who want to show “the real thing” and that is not without reason. We are heavily influenced by everything we observe, including the media. The perfect images can be perceived as truth and living up to them can be a painful process when it turns out not to be the same. 

And what is “the way”… sometimes it is difficult to create your own dream image or at all “right” or “wrong” in a society where we constantly receive new input from beautiful images. Fortunately, we humans have something for this and I call it "senses and consciousness". Leave that phone behind for a moment and open your eyes. Look around you, at your fellow human beings and, as an exercise to create a different input, think very deliberately with everyone you see “Oh you are such a fantastically beautiful human being!”. Whether you “believe” this thought or not, it doesn't matter, it's an exercise to go beyond the standard model of pretty to go. 

Because what do you like? What do you think you look like? I can already tell you, you are fantastically beautiful! There is no right or wrong, we make it beautiful ourselves. So why not just see yourself as beautiful?! And don't get me wrong, I think I'm beautiful but find it hard to ever say I'm more or less beautiful than anyone else. There is no ranking from most beautiful to not beautiful… And I like it way too much to live from the idea, my faith and my own conviction that I am beautiful! Just watch the movie “I feel pretty” wonderful comedy but with a nice thought behind it. 

So when you put on your glitter and glamor dress or your crazy Christmas sweater for the holidays (or who knows, you might choose your training outfit from Lola this time), go in front of the mirror and give yourself a compliment. And if you do peek at those beautiful models who share the "ideal pictures", wish them the love that you also grant yourself. You can be who you are and become who you want to be! Happy Holidays everyone! 




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Precies zo als jij het schrijft is het echt. Iedereen is mooi op zijn en haar eigen manier ❤ onzekerheid zit tussen je oren door op een positieve manier na je zelf tekijken zal dat als sneeuw voor de zon verdwijnen. Rondingen zijn hot😍
Liefs patricia


Wat een leuke mail. Het doet goed om vlak voor de feestdagen te horen te krijgen dat iedereen perfect is op zijn manier. Zelf doe ik ook zeer hard aan body positivity naar mijn vrienden en familie toe.

Fleur Martens

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