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You're great!

When you get your social media opens you will be inundated with beautiful pictures, perfect photos and ideal images. 
Is this reality? Is this how people want to be seen and what we strive for? This does not apply to me! 
It is of course tempting to believe that everyone on social media has a perfect body and life but, it will not surprise you, this is not the case. Everyone has a story, a purpose, one live a passion and his or her ups and downs. 
I too have a story, just like everyone else. I have practiced top sport all my life and have been retired since corona and am a different one with this sporty road beaten in. I have experienced beautiful ups but also deep downs. This has shaped me into the athlete and above all into the person I am today! The person I am proud of and who I look at with admiration in the mirror. 
My goal = Motivate you, Enthusiastic and activate to enjoy sports and exercise. To feel good about yourself and to be proud of who you are! Regardless of your level, your goal or passion. 
YOU matter and YOU are great at the things you do! Believe in yourself and I am especially proud of your inner strength! Don't aim for the perfect picture and STOP comparing with others. YOU are good just the way you are! 
- Charlotte Vega
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