Opposite day!

Opposite day!

Opposite day!

You know the feeling of being stuck in a routine, or a light rut? Especially in the winter months we sometimes feel at Lola that we are going into a bit of hibernation :) every day is like the previous one and that is not very motivated. Fortunately, it can also be different, that's why today is: Opposite day! Get inspired ;)!

1. If you're going to work-out today, try putting on completely different music than the one you normally listen to! Music determines the atmosphere, so if you keep going through the same playlist, it's not surprising that you stay in the same mood. Surprise your ears with something new! And who knows, you might discover a new cool style.
2. Fake it until you make it! This is not advice we would usually give, but it is opposite day. Concerning the reduced feeling of motivation to reach you fitness goals: crumple it up and throw it far away! If you give in to the feeling and keep going, you will automatically find things in your environment that reinforce or confirm it. Stand up and say to yourself: I'm going for it today! You will notice that your motivation grows. I know you can do this. 
3. Try a new sport! You may be a fitness tiger, but there are countless other sports you can possibly do in your area. Not only does it get you out of your rut, you also use your body in a different way. Try a boxing lesson, rent a mountainbike or go swimming!
4. Do you have a pattern that you have wanted to change for a long time? JUST DO IT. Step out your comfort zone...You don't have to change big lines, but if you can already think about 1 other step in the pattern that you want to change, do it. Do something crazy that you don't expect of yourself. Maybe it's a little awkward or weird in the beginning or you're just surprising yourself! Shock your brain and body by doing something random and with this you have taken the first step in breaking your pattern. Even if it's picking up your coffee cup with the wrong hand, putting on a piece of clothing that you never wear or taking a different route to work. I believe in you! Now you :))!!

Shake it up baby, and before you know it you'll be ready to go for it again!
What are you going to change today? Let me know and the best two inspirations i will give a nice voucher for Lola's Webshop.❤️
Written by: @Apple of Edges
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I am NOT going to drown myself in coffee today. Only water is the move!


How nice to be aware of this. unfortunately the coffee cup with the left pick up was not such a success hahahaha

Marie L.

Wat leuk, ik ga het zeker proberen om hier en daar mijn dag onverwachts te maken en keuzes te maken die ik normaal niet ga maken. Zojuist al een andere ronde met mijn hond uitlaten gelopen, andere muziek in gedaan en je krijgt er wel echt een andere vibe van. Heel gaaf misschien moet ik dit maar eens vaker doen :P

Pleuni W.

Listening to a completely new genre on Spotify is what I always do when I feel stuck! It really helps me see things fresh, I recommend! Xx


I just love to do something different! I’m going to try today and let you guys know ;D! Thankyou Appel


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