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The story of Annelies Fortuin

'' If as a woman you have a body that deviates from the general standard of "slim" then a judgment is soon ready. While muscles are very normal in men and often seen as sexy, women can count on a lot of comments. Over the years I have received several comments about HOW I look.

I am Annelies Fortuin, a young woman who has a sober life. My passion lies in fitness. I am currently running international bodybuilding competitions (NPC / Pro League) in the category figure.

I have learned that certain negative sounds often arise from jealousy, grudging. You can deal better with the people who give you energy in life. Everyone can find what they want to find. I choose to listen to whoever I want to hear. #bodypositivity 🤍 Have respect for all bodies and therefore especially stop judging. Be kind to yourself but also to others. ''
- Annelies Fortuin
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