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Busy busy busy...

Last winter has been a challenge for all of us! During the lockdown, we encounter ourselves in a new way and it is more important than ever before to take good care of ourselves to take care of ourselves. Even during this time, I caught myself when friends asked, How are you? My answer often was: Busy, busy, busy!

While the world was closed I still felt some stress. I kept busy with my work, my studies and of course writing nice texts for Lola! ;) There is nothing wrong with being busy, but it is very important to take enough moments of rest for yourself during a busy day. Almost 30% of the Dutch suffer from complaints caused by too much stress. A feeling of stress can lead to sleep problems, poor concentration and ultimately a less healthy body!

Nothing is better than feeling good about yourself, so I found some tips for myself to keep stress at bay. With a few small changes you can also spend your day completely zen! 🧘🏼‍♀️  

 • Do 1 thing at a time.

Did you know that multitasking does not exist at all? If you are busy with several things at the same time, your brain keeps switching from one to the other. That takes a lot of unnecessary energy. Fill your mind with what you are doing, other things will come later!  

 • Go outside.

You may not always feel like it, but push yourself out the door! Natural daylight and fresh air boost your mood and help clear your mind. Eat your lunch in the sun or walk around the block. 

 • Make tasty food for yourself.

It doesn't have to be difficult: Throw some fruits and vegetables in a blender or build yourself a killer sandwich. Paying attention to what you put into your body results in good energy! 

 • Plan your moments of rest.

During a busy day, it sometimes seems like you don't have time to rest at all. Therefore, plan those precious moments for yourself in advance. They are just as important as that one meeting :)

 The good thing about being relaxed is that it is infectious works.

With your good mood you can also others to inspire to take more rest and be nice to oneself. How do you relax during a busy day? Share your tips and tricks below with us in a comment!

@Written by Appel van Randen

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